About Varnika Seva Sansthan

Varnika Seva Sansthan has started its social journey with a comprehensible vision and mission. The basic focus of Varnika Seva Sansthan is on the social, institutional and property base for the people who often remain unheard or ignored in a democratic and participatory approach. It reaches to un-reached people. To sustain this work Community based organizations (CBO) at village level linked with local, block and district level administration and PRI so that these CBOs can take over the development programs and reduce the dependency on others. The other approach of Varnika Seva Sansthan is to work impartially with all sections of community.

Aware and self – reliant society

Women, Children & Deprived class should be organized and make them able to take active participation in Health, Education and self-governance to eliminate inequalities.

⦁ Need based Region specific welfare activities for women and children development.
⦁ Advocacy for women empowerment, women right and issues such as (Domestic violence) etc.
⦁ Working for Human Rights.
⦁ Ensuring women literacy and girl child education.
⦁ Holistic development of rural & urban area.
⦁ Promotion of youth empowerment through orientation.
⦁ Awareness activities to minimize HIV/AIDS.

Varnika Seva Sansthan works intensively in all districts of Rajasthan, with its headquarter in Jaipur. Varnika Seva Sansthan is working actively in the area of rights, education and health of children and women and other rights such right to live, food, etc. Varnika Seva Sansthan is working actively against Sex determination and sex selective abortion of female fetus in entire Rajasthan. For effective and strong implementation of COTPA-2003 we are working with government officials at state, district and block level.

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